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A Smartest template is an HTML file that contains processing instructions in the form of functions, modifiers and other tags. For a complete guide to the syntax and usage of these elements, see template syntax.

There are several different types of template in Smartest, which all fulfil different functions:

  • Page master template - each page needs one page master template which contains all the essential elements of the page, such as the HTML <head> and <body> tags, and the inclusion of stylesheets and metadata.
  • Container template - Container templates usually contain the layout of a page or the section of a page, and are used in conjunction with containers.
  • List template - List templates are used where a list is displayed, to ensure consistent formatting.
  • Single-item template
  • Itemspace template

Various data is available to the template parser, depending on the type of template being rendered. See template data for a complete guide to accessing CMS data in Smartest templates.