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Pages in Smartest are the outer presentational layer via which content from the media library and data from the Items are served to site visitors. A page is a single, titled, themed unit in which this content is made available. That is, most of what you see published via a Smartest website is visible on the pages of that website.

For more on how pages are put together and populated with content, see Page content management system.

Pages exist in three types:

Regular Web Pages

These pages have no intrinsic semantic relationship to other pages. They can be laid out however you like, and contain unlimited containers, placeholders, lists, fields and itemspaces, so as to place content on the page according to what you need.

Object Meta-pages

These pages have no content of their own, and serve to represent all items belonging to a specified model in a single, easily configurable format.

For more, see meta-page.

Special pages

Smartest has five special pages, which serve as specific views, some of which retrieve extra data:

  • Tag page, when a specific tag is clicked.
  • Author or user page, for when a specific user is clicked.
  • Search page, for when a search is carried out on the site.
  • 404 page, for when an unrecognised URL is requested.
  • 503 Not available page, for when a site is temporarily deactivated.

Special pages can be content-managed like any other Smartest page, and can be accessed via the "Special pages" tab on the site hierarchy screen.

For more, see special pages.