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The Media Library is where Smartest stores all your text, images, scripts, stylesheets, movies and other media. It is thus where Smartest's main media asset management features are located.

In Smartest, virtually all content is stored centrally in the media library, and then used for various items, placeholders, attachments, and a variety of other purposes, so the files you upload for placeholders or item properties are stored in the media library, despite appearing in the placeholder or item property.


File groups

File groups are an organisation mechanism within the media library whereby files can be grouped together in order to provide a narrower selection when you are choosing an image.

For instance, If you are choosing images for an item property called "thumbnail image" and you are presented with every single image that has ever been uploaded to your Smartest install as a potential option, it will be slower and more confusing to identify the correct image. If your choice is limited to other images that have been selected for that property in the past, along with any others you have added to that file group, you will quickly be able to find the image you need, or ascertain if you need to upload a new one.



Files in Smartest's media library can be assigned tags, to enable you to find them and organise them more easily.


All files managed via the Media Library are stores in the database table Assets, and are interacted with via the class SmartestAsset. In development, they are always referred to as "assets" but in the user interface and all user-facing functionality, they are referred to as "files."

File types

Every file in Smartest has a file type, which specifies how it should be handled, displayed, and if necessary compiled. Each type is denoted by a type code, which starts with 'SM_ASSETTYPE_*', and has a corresponding record in the file System/Core/Types/assettypes.yml

For more on file types, see asset type.