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Smartest is administered and configured largely via a login screen at /smartest. So if your website address is www.example.com, your admin login will be at www.example.com/smartest.

Limiting access by host name

As of Smartest revision 690, access to the administration interface of Smartest can be limited by domain, if you only want certain host names to be used when an administrator logs in.

This can be achieved by copying the file Configuration/admin_domains.sample.yml to Configuration/admin_domains.yml and adding the domains you want to use. Any other host names that point at Smartest will prevent the login screen (or any system code) from being loaded.

Red strip

As of Smartest revision XXX, the administration interface will show a thin red strip at the very top of the window when your website is disabled. This is just a simple visual reminder that the website is disabled, and disappears when the site is re-enabled.