Creating a model

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Models are the structures according to which you store much of your information and content in Smartest. Here, we'll build a model that can store articles, blog posts or similar. Models are structured according to what information their properties can store. A model can have as many properties as you need, and each property can be one of approximately 30 types

1. Plan ahead

Before we do anything in Smartest, it's a good idea to think briefly about what the properties of our model will be. Yes - properties can be changed and re-ordered later to make more sense, but there's no harm in trying to get it right first time.

For this model, let's imagine that our blog articles need to have the following properties:

  • Date published
  • Synopsis
  • Thumbnail image
  • License (i.e., is the text copyrighted, or is the content available under a creative commons license?)
  • Call to action link (will lead readers to another part of the website)

Note that a name/headline property, author attribution, and "related" content are already built in to Smartest and do not need to be added.

2. Create a blank model

3. Add properties